Colloidal silver Ion

*Antiseptic and killer of pathogenic agents in Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Animals, Chicken, Farms, Slaughterhouses, Butchers, Protein meat Shops,
Restaurants and Hotels.
*Antiseptic and killer of pathogenic agents in Swimming Pools, replace it with carcinogens such as chlorine and formaldehyde.
*Antiseptic and killer of pathogenic agents in fish, shrimp farming ponds and aquatic ecosystems in rehabilitation system.
*Curing fish diseases in open ponds.
*Antiseptic for nutrition conserving containers’s walls and maintenance equipment.
*Used in Plastic Industries for packing foods with a longer expiration date.
*Antiseptic for water, working as a substitute for chlorine a potential carcinogen.
*Working as an antibacterial/antifungal agent in many different detergents (Solid and Liquid Soaps – Hand and Body Wash – Fruit and Vegetable washing
solutions – Floor and Surfaces cleaners) and Cellulose Materials (Women’s sanitary pads and wet wipes).
*Working as an antibacterial/ antifungal in feminine daily washes.
*Working as a killer of dental plaque in many different mouthwash solutions.
*Used for the production of yarns, fibers and fabrics manufactured with self-microbial and self-sterilizing properties.
*Used in different solid/ liquid soaps and hand/body sanitizers.

Silver Ion

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